Robyn is the BEST overall fashion girl. I shopped with her for years in OKC. She recommended things that I wouldn’t ever necessarily grab because I didn’t think it would work on me, but those are some of my favorite dresses that I constantly go back for! She’s got a great eye on how to mix high and low fashion pieces and I love that.

Robyn also did my hair and makeup for my wedding and it was perfect. I don’t normally wear makeup, and she made me feel so beautiful and special the way she did everything. I was very nervous that day but she was so fun to talk to the whole time she was doing my makeup, it made me less stressed!

Victoria Thompson

Working with Robyn is a delight. Not only can she make you look young and beautiful, you feel it. Being a beauty herself, she is a natural for this profession. Her style and personality also make your event even more fun!

Hilarie Blaney, SVP BancFirst | Corporate Etiquette and Protocol Consultant

There have been many times in the last 10 years that I have called upon Robyn for some sort of fashion or makeup emergency and needed her expertise asap. Each time she has been my heroine Saint! Robyn has been my go-to stylist for every sort of event including formal, casual, cocktail, and even the odd "art deco dressy". Robyn puts outfits together professionally and I always feel confident when I attend any event or just get dressed for the day. She frequently adds personal touches when selecting jewelry or shoes or the perfect bag because she knows how I like to dress without feeling self-conscious about what I am wearing, even my makeup color pallet is always on point with the look she has curated for me. Robyn keeps up with modern trends but knows how to blend it with my personality. She is extremely knowledgeable and very aware of where fashion is headed and also what pieces are worth investing in while keeping me from making bad choices on my wardrobe or deviating from my budget. The best part is that I never hesitate to call on Robyn and ask "stupid" questions because she treats everyone like family!! Thank you, Robyn!!

Blessings, Suzanne Reynolds

I have worked with Robyn for over 5 years during her tenure at Balliets. She is extremely knowledgeable, talented, and incredibly helpful. Oftentimes, she was even willing to help answer questions or source products for me after hours. She understood my personal style and overall aesthetic, would make thoughtful suggestions, and provided honest feedback even if it meant missing out on a sale. Anyone would be lucky to work with her! I already miss you! The sales weren’t the same without you. Warmest regards,

Britta McAfee Thrift, JD